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Hornbill Chin Coffee and the people of Burma are experiencing absolute horror since the Burmese military took control of the government in February. At this point, the city of Mindat is under siege, where there are attacks against civilians. Homes are being raided, looted and burned, and people that remain are risk of being shot and assaulted. Reports of internet/phone and water access have been cut off. Over 10,000 people have escaped into the jungle, among them our friends from Hornbill.

This June, $5 of each bag of Burma coffee will be given to Colorado Burma Roundtable Network and their work to coordinate food and medicine transported to Mindat, Burma.

what's happening in burma

We’ve all been loving the Hornbill Chin coffee from Burma, produced by Mar Hung, and here through Thang’s Trade Co. Mar Hung has an amazing story and does so much for his community through coffee, but is now experiencing a completely different reality.

In February 2021, the Burmese military staged a coup to be declared the supreme power causing the whole country to rise in protest against the military dictatorship. Since then, 837 people have been killed and 4370 have been arrested and tortured all documented by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

It’s heartbreaking to see what is going on in the lives of these humans behind the cup. Please remember them as they are suffering greatly right now, and hope to have their voices heard across the world.

10,945 refugees including the coffee farmers have had to run into the jungle from Mindat for threat of their life. They have found shelter in surrounding Chin villages. When the known refugee numbers were only 4,000, the UN asked for authorization of Humanitarian Aid; however, the military did not authorize the aid.

CBRTN and Thang’s Trade Co. is working directly with Mar Hung from Hornbill Chin Coffee to bring rice and supplies to 1,530 of the most isolated.

The current price for rice in Myanmar is $26/bag. This bag will last one person for two months. Their goal is to raise a minimum of $20,000 a month to ensure the most isolated 1,530 have the enough rice to survive.

Learn more through the following accounts:

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This cup of has deep, sweet fruity notes of fig, raisin, dried cherry and earthy hazelnut. Sweetness, richness and low acidity stand out.

This relationship coffee is special to us for many reasons! Is it our first coffee from Asia, and it’s from Burma, where coffee farming has been abandoned because of the unreliable market due to the genocide they’re currently experiencing, and have been for the last 70 years.

This coffee was the first to launch Thang’s Trade Co and be produced and exported with Hornbill Chin Coffee. It’s amazing to see it come full circle, as the beginning of new opportunities and coffees for the farmers, producers, roasters and us coffee drinkers involved.

region: mindat
process: fully washed, raised bed dried
fermentation: 4.5PH
altitude: 1500m
variety: S795, SL34
importer: thang’s trade co
roasted: sonder coffee

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