BURMA | Hornbill Chin


This cup of has deep, sweet fruity notes of fig, raisin, dried cherry and earthy hazelnut. Sweetness, richness and low acidity stand out.

This relationship coffee is special to us for many reasons! Is it our first coffee from Asia, and it’s from Burma, where coffee farming has been abandoned because of the unreliable market due to the genocide they’re currently experiencing, and have been for the last 70 years.

This coffee was the first to launch Thang’s Trade Co and be produced and exported with Hornbill Chin Coffee. It’s amazing to see it come full circle, as the beginning of new opportunities and coffees for the farmers, producers, roasters and us coffee drinkers involved.

Coffee farming was abandoned for more than 60 years in Chin State, Burma because of lack of proper transportation, consistent cultivation and a reliable market. In 2016, Mar Hung and his wife established Hornbill Chin Coffee to create a new opportunity for Chin farmers to sell their coffee. At the end of 2018, Mar Hung opened a coffee shop in the town of Mindat with the goal to inspire the community to learn more about coffee. In 2020, Hornbill Chin Coffee became one of the few companies in the world involved in every step of coffee from farming his family’s land, processing, roasting, serving, cafe managing, marketing, and now exporting. Mar Hung’s openess to learn about coffee quality led him to become a forerunner in specialty coffee in his region. His commitment to enliven coffee farming in Chin State is creating new opportunity and excitement among farmers in Burma. (photo courtesy of: Thang’s Trade Co & Hornbill Chin Coffee)

region: mindat
process: fully washed, raised bed dried
fermentation: 4.5PH
altitude: 1500m
variety: S795, SL34
importer: thang’s trade co
roasted: sonder coffee


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