COLOMBIA | Crucero


This cup is vibrant and juicy with a light mouthfeel, and is full of tropical notes. Sweetness of papaya, cherry, milk chocolate are present, with complex tartness of rose and punchy hibiscus.

This coffee is produced by Ana Mustafá and her family, who are part of La Real Expedicon Botanica, a collective of coffee producers. This process involves an experimental “fed-batch” washed process from three different days of picking, in-husk dry resting up to twenty four hours, dry fermentation in tank for up to fourty eight hours, and low temperature mechanical drying.

producer: mustafá family
region: risaralda
municipality: pereira
town: el pital de combia
process: fed-batched washed
crop: sept 2019
altitude: 1500-1650m
variety: castillo
importer: la real expedición botánica


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