COLOMBIA | Los Castrillón


This coffee is featured as our “holiday brew” for our recommendation as a balanced, classic, flavorful coffee that everyone in your home will love. 

This cup has classic, deep, chocolate notes with caramelized sweetness, brightness of apple, cranberry and brown sugar.

COLOMBIA | Los Castrillón
La Cascada | Washed Process
1650m Altitude | Colombia & Caturra Variety

“HolaCelia” is an introduction to a vintage coffee growing region left out of the cannon of specialty. La Real Expedición Botánica, a collective of coffee producers, is working with Agrosolidaria to identify the most outstanding lots and assess the most consistent and interesting offerings an area can produce.

Agrosolidaria is a self-managed communal organisation oriented to build economic fabric through agriculture, focused on sustainable practices and value-added ecological farming. Ana Mustafá, the biggest producer of LaREB has her main operation in this area and her achievements echo around the town. The goal of this project is to extend the success to her neighbouring community and invest in the region by strengthening the social fabric through fair income and giving everyone the same opportunity to compete.


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Imported by La Real Expedición Botánica
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.