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COLOMBIA | Los Venteños


A full-bodied, creamy coffee with hearty notes of sweet chocolate, nutty hazelnut, fragrant sweet orange blossom, and a ripe mango finish. 

COLOMIA | Washed
Los Venteños | La Union, Nariño 
Colombia, Castillo & Caturra Varietal | 1450-1900M Altitude

This coffee is grown by 19 smallholder farmers and producers, from the harvest of July and August of 2018. 
The producers of this delicious coffee: Orlando Urbano, Liliana Martinez, Temis Espana, Alejandro Martinez, Angel Maria Castillo, Segundo Grigalba, Martha Sanchez, Ana Silvia Velazco, Almicar Munoz, Erminsul Montilla, Juvencio Torres, Jhon Diaz, Maria Erazo, Arley Solarte Ceron, Monica Reyes, Ilda Rivas, Maria Erazo, Nelson Munos and Mauro Espana. 

Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.