SONDER COFFEE / COSTA RICA | Don Eli, Carlos Montero

COSTA RICA | Don Eli, Carlos Montero


This complex cup is fragrant and floral, sweet and syrupy, with a light body, and both delicate and classic mid-notes of bright citrus, sweet cashew nuttiness, and florals of rose and orange blossom honey.

COSTA RICA | Don Eli, Carlos Montero
El Llano, Tarrazú | Finca Temática
Natural Process | 1600m Altitude
Yellow Mundo Novo Variety
Dried on African Beds

This coffee is produced by Carlos Montero and Don Eli, a fourth generation family farm and wetmill producing coffee for over twenty years. In 2014, they established their name in speciality coffee to control quality and processing for their small lot coffees. Their home is surrounded by beautiful farms and their wetmill across the river, where son and farm manager Jacob Montero expertly processes washed, natural, honey and experimental coffees. This coffee is imported through Selva Coffee, owned by daughter Marianela and her husband Perry. We had the honor of visiting their home and farm, where their love for coffee, community, and hospitality is evident in all they do (see photos).

Imported by Selva Coffee —
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.