COSTA RICA | Santa Rosa


Bright tangerine, lemonade, and raspberry notes come together with mid notes of sweet honey, graham cracker and walnut come together for a smooth, balanced cup that is easy to drink.

Marlon Urena is the 3rd generation of coffee producers in his family, and has learned the trade from his father Don Victor. Marlon encouraged his family to process their own coffee and find a market for it themselves. They also grow avocados on their farm, which provide shade and essential nutrients to the soil, and the coffee keeps the soil aerated and dry, resulting in a symbiotic relationship.

Over the last four years, they have grown in volume from five to fifteen bags, and have continued to improve quality on their five hectare farm. Marlon, his family, and his workers work with sustainable practices, apply a minimum amount of chemicals, and use organic fertizilers and materials.

region: tarrazu
subregion: san isidro de leon cortes
process: washed
altitude: 1800m
variety: catuai
importer: selva coffee
roasted: sonder coffee

Thank you Selva Coffee, for the coffee from Marlon Urena, and the photos!


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