SONDER COFFEE / GESHA | Colombia Limited Release

GESHA | Colombia Limited Release


This red honey gesha has been cultivated by the Gutierrez family on their forty acre Finca Monteverde. Their three children, who are fifth generation coffee producers, are professional cuppers and have spent eight years producing rare exotic varieties, and practicing certified organic and clean agriculture on their farm that is in total more than seventy years old. Their attention to detail to harvest coffee cherries at optimal ripeness and control fermentation learned from ancient Yemeni techiniques produce unique fruity and spiced characteristics in their coffees.

The red honey process includes an aerobic fermentation for 18 hours in the cherry, then 36 more hours with the pulp removed, after which the coffee is rinsed and dried in the shade for 48 hours and moved to the sun for a total of 25 days. Resulting is a complex, intricate cup with a sweet custard mouthfeel, fruity brightness, and floral aroma.

Gesha Red Honey | Colombia
Tolima | Finca Monteverde
Gesha | 1800-2000m

Imported by Bold Bean Roasters
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.

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