SONDER COFFEE / GREEN GESHA | Colombia Limited Release

GREEN GESHA | Colombia Limited Release


This green natural gesha has been cultivated by the Gutierrez family on their forty acre Finca Monteverde, given to Gildardo and his wife Mirabla forty years ago as an inheritance from his father.

Their three children, who are fifth generation coffee producers, are professional cuppers and all play a part in running the farm. They have spent eight years producing rare exotic varieties, and practicing certified organic and clean agriculture on their farm that is in total more than seventy years old. Their attention to detail to harvest coffee cherries at optimal ripeness and control fermentation learned from ancient Yememi techiniques produce unique fruity and spiced characterics in their coffees.

The verde natural process involves labor intensive and temperature controlled fermentation up to sixty hours. Drying is a total of twenty nine days. Resulting is a lively dynamic coffee with an effervescent mouthfeel, bright notes of citrus, sweet candy, and tropical fruit.

Green Gesha | Colombia
Tolima | Finca Monteverde
Verde Natural | Gesha
1800-2000m | directly imported

Hand roasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.

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