A deep, rich, full bodied cup with delicate tropical notes of kiwi strawberry and orange, yet grounded with chocolate sweetness and a juicy finish.

GUATEMALA | San Pedro Yepocapa
Chimaltenango | 1400m+ Altitude
Caturra, Paca, Catuai
Nov 2019 – Feb 2020 Harvest
Full Washed, Dry Fermentation, Patio Dried

Producers: Timoteo Cos Matzir, Luis Sajar Umul, Ricardo Escobar Xinic, Francisca Charuc Teleyon, Mauricio Zamora Sajar, Francisco Sajar, Maria Teresa Charuc Teleyon, Juana Charuc Teleyon, Juana Mox Xinic, Candido Back Illu, Marcos Chiroy Coc, Armando Xia Charuc, José David Temal Mox, Bernaldo Xia Umul, & Prudencio Charuc

“This is the second year La Cooperativa San Pedrana separated out coffees in the Pachup region of Yepocapa. Don Luis (pictured), along with many others have been key focal points behind this lot.

Farmers in Yepocapa love to farm. For many of them, it’s a way they get to honor their parents & grandparents; and for the rest, there’s simply a peace behind working in the fields, breathing the fresh air, and caring for plants that help to provide their way of life.
Sadly it’s been the latter part that has been in question the last 20 years. Lower prices have encouraged farmers to neglect plant health and with less plant health maintenance, diseases like leaf rust have come in lowering their production placing farmers in a conundrum: do I invest in my plants and lose profitability or do I neglect them and face diseases and low yields which also cause low profitability.
We started up our Micro-lot program with the aim to specifically invest in and separate out coffees coming from farmers that want to see their careers be a sustainable one; not just for them but with the next generation in mind. Don Luis alongside two other farmers were among the first farmers in the Pachup region to be a part of our program for the 2018/2019 Harvest.
From the prices they received that harvest, it’s been neat to see their reactions and even more exciting to see how much this coffee has grown from a cupping perspective! Don Luis was better able to invest into his land and give more work as a result of micro-lotting his coffee last year. This is a good thing not just for the coffees but for his capacity to give employment and see coffee farming become a career with room for growth. ” – Yepocapa Coffee

Imported by Yepocapa Coffee — photos courtesy of
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.


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