GUATEMALA | Yepocapa


Full bodied and grounded notes of lightly roasted earthy nuts sweeten out into a brown sugar/vanilla, and finish with a hint of crisp fresh fruit brightness, like pear or sweet lime.

La Cooperativa San Pedrana | Yepocapa
Multi Varietal | 1400M+ Altitude

This coffee is a result of a huge change in the lives of these coffee farmers. Having just received their export license, and never having received input on their coffees that were once sold in the commodity market, last year was the first time to hear about their coffee as a final product in 50 years of farming.

With this feedback, these farmers decided to dedicate themselves to picking fully ripe cherries despite challenges from coffee robbers & climate variables that often discourage farmers from picking ripe. They also have hired 10 additional workers at the wet mill to ensure ripeness and pick out underripe beans as they’re dumped into the depulper to ensure a second level of quality selection. The farmers feel honored to be a part of a group whose coffees are separated out and exported to us.

Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.