HONDURAS | Finca Los Olivos


This cup has full chocolate and brownie notes, continual sweetness of nougat and walnut, and subtle berry brightness of pomegranate, blueberry and strawberry.

Finca Los Olivos |Opatoro, La Paz
Natural Process | Altitude 1600m |
Typica Variety | Direct Trade Certified
Alma Coffee Imports

Isaura Martinez, farmer of Finca Los Olivos, has dedicated her life to the cultivation of coffee. Learning from her father, Antonio Martinez, a legend in the region and a visionary farmer, she’s learned the good practices of processing, drying, and storing coffee.

With the arrival of roya leaf rust in 2012, she lost more than 60% of her production, on top of low prices offered in this crisis. In 2014, her siblings and friends Karen and Edgar Carrillo began work on quality improvements made to the coffee collection and the milling process, and improvements in cup quality have continued since.