KENYA | Muthuuzuni AB


A complex cup full of red fruit notes like cranberry and pomegranate, a tea-like mouthfeel and red wine dryness, with smooth soft sweetness of grape and dark cherry.

KENYA | Muthuuzuni FCS & Factory
Machakos | 1720m+
SL28 | washed

Muthuuzuni FCS & Factory was established in 1979 and is comprised of 1020 smallholder farmers. 330 are women and 690 men, averaging 50 years of age, with an average coffee lot of half a hectare each. Many farmers also grow beans and maize, and keep dairy cattle, goats and sheep. Muthuuzuni have over a seven year relationship with Kofinaf, who provide technical advice, assistance and training to improve coffees. This coffee is processed using a McKinnon disc pulper, and a twenty four hour fermentation before being washed, floated to seperate density, skin dried for a few hours, then placed on drying tables for fourteen days.

Photos courtesy of Muthuuzuni FCS & Factory
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.


behind the burma

This June, $5 of each bag of Burma coffee will be given to Colorado Burma Roundtable Network and their work to coordinate food and medicine transported to Mindat, Burma.