COLOMBIA | La Esmeralda LMTD Release


A syrupy, full bodied coffee with sweet notes of tropical fruit like dried mango and banana, soft apricot, and grounded cacao acidity.

Limited release coffees are small & single lot coffees that we feature for a limited time. We’re excited to have them as they’re interesting cups from producers we have a relationship with, and they won’t last very long due to their lot size and supply.

Johan Gutiérrez | Café 100 Anos S.A.S
Tolima, Herrera Rioblanco
Natural Process | 1650-2000m
Caturra Variety

La Esmeralda is produced by Johan Gutiérrez, who started a processing mill to offer growers better prices, control fermentation and cup profiles, and seek recognition for high-quality coffee from his region internationally. He works with a small team of three to five people who buy and process coffees from five to fifteen other local farmers. Johan involves his children to continue on the family legacy of coffee, as he himself is a fifth generation coffee grower on the Monteverde family farm, and has been a professional taster for eleven years. This coffee has skillfully undergone a natural process, fermention and drying.

Photos courtesy of Johan Gutiérrez
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.