SONDER COFFEE / COLOMBIA | Monteverde Wush Wush LMTD Release

COLOMBIA | Monteverde Wush Wush LMTD Release


A clean cup with a syrupy mouthfeel and notes of creamy buttery marshmallow, mellow sweetness of yellow tropical fruit, and a tea-like light jasmine aroma.

Limited release coffees are small & single lot coffees that we feature for a limited time. We’re excited to have them as they’re interesting cups from producers we have a relationship with, and they won’t last very long due to their lot size and supply.

Finca Monteverde | Gutiérrez Family
Tolima, Herrera Rioblanco
Washed Process | 1790-1850m
Wush Wush Variety

Wush-wush is a rare variety of coffee, and this lot is produced by the Gutiérrez family, a family of fourth and fifth generation coffee producers whose history on the farm goes back to 1941. Gildardo and Miralba’s children are professional coffee tasters who encouraged them to plant exotic varieties in 2010, and each specialize in their own skilled areas in coffee production. Their attention to detail to improve quality, practice certified organic and clean agriculture, adequately fertilize crops, collect beans at optimum maturity, and control innovative fermentation processes all carry the natural fruit and spiced characteristics of the cherry into their coffees.

Photos courtesy of Finca Monteverde
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.