This cup is deliciously sweet, with a creamy and clean mouthfeel, a honey aroma, and notes of mango, sweet black tea, oranges, and white grape.

sector: rukoma
district: kamonyi
province: south province
altitude: 1400-1700m
variety: red bourbon
process: washed
importer: gihanga coffee
roasted: sonder coffee

This lot is produced by 300 smallholder women producers from a women coffee association that works with Gihanga Coffee in Mbizi coffee washing station. The Women association was initially founded by 600 women as a cooperative focused on creating a space for female producers to have a stronger voice in Rwandan coffee production. As of now, 60% of Women co-op members are women, with growing initiatives working to expand membership within the region. Their co-ops journey involves challenges and rewards, and a focus on providing medical care to many in the area. To date, 300 of them currently receive medical insurance due to their progress.