RWANDA | Mbizi


A clean, mid-body coffee with notes of herby lemongrass, orange peel citrus, and sweetness of pear, white grape and apple.

RWANDA | Mbizi
Rukoma, Kamonyi | South Province
Washed Process | 1500-1800m Altitude
Bourbon Variety

This fully washed Grade A1 and A2 coffee is produced at Mbizi coffee washing station, and is double fermented and soaked for six to twelve hours. The cooperative was initially founded by 600 women, in part to create a space for female producers to have a stronger voice in Rwandan coffee production. As of now, 60% of the co-op members are women, with growing initiatives working to expand membership within the region. Their journey involves challenges and rewards, with a focus to provide medical care to many in the area. As of recent years, 300 of them currently receive medical insurance due to their progress.

Imported by Gihanga Coffee with Queen City Coffee
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.