This complex cup is full of delicate sweetness and brightness of stonefruit like peach, red plum, and berries, with a jasmine floral aroma and a syrupy mouthfeel reminiscent of tropical fruit and vanilla custard.

ETHIOPIA | Guji, Oromia
Natural Process | 1800-2100m
Heirloom Variety

Tariku Getachew is a twentyseven year old, second generation coffee farmer who has been overseeing the Guji site for over five years alongside Ardent & Unravel Merchants. He’s an engaging leader who stays on-site to monitor every step and skillfully handles challenges that come with resource shortages (water and electricity).

Arden & Unravel’s partnership is committed to excellence, continuous learning and unity in the quality of their coffees. Taking great care with each processing site, they are diligent in sharing the workload, forwarding creative ideas, and hosting training sessions to equip each other with various skills and exchange knowledge.

Imported by Unravel Merchants — photos courtesy of them
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.