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Origin Burlap Tote | Guatemala


These Origin-Burlap-Tote bags not only look cool, but are special because they are made from the burlap sacks we get our green coffee shipped in from origin. This line features Guatemala and their national bird, the Quetzal. These bags have held coffee we drink daily, produced with care and quality by smallholder farms and imported with our friends @yepocapacoffee . 10% of each bag sale goes to Yepocapa Coffee and all they do to honor farmers and their community through Colegio Berea, a school that has many students from coffee farming families. Enjoy this tangible piece representing the amazing humans behind the cup from Yepocapa, Guatemala! ⠀⠀

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These reused, origin burlap coffee totes are handsewn locally and lined, with an inner pocket. Spot clean by hand only.

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