GUATEMALA | La Hermosa Organic


Sweet and clean notes of white grape and melons, florals of black tea and jasmine, and creme brulee like creaminess.

GUATEMALA | Finca La Hermosa
Max Fernando Pérez Ríos | La Hermosa Cooperative
Acatenango | 1500+m Altitude
Washed Process

Max & Claudia Pérez have formed a cooperative type organization through their farm to foster relationships and create better market opportunities for small-to-medium scale producers. More than 60% of coffee in Guatemala are from small-producers who often don’t have access to wet mills or resources to export/market their coffees.

This lot comes from fifty-two local producers working with Max’s wet mill. Max not only communicates quality expectations, but also helps producers achieve specialty grade coffees and supports them with organic fertilizers for better plant health and cherry development. This relational approach to resolve the foundations of plant nutrition results in healthier plants and better coffee, and in turn provides better market access for small producers.

Imported by Collaborative Imports Coffee
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.