SONDER COFFEE / Hot Coffee for 8-16 people

Hot Coffee for 8-16 people



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Treat your group or event to a elevated coffee experience. We provide a single-origin batch coffee that everyone will love, custom stamped cups, cream and sugar for full customization.


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This cup is full of rich dark chocolate and walnut brownies with sweet, juicy and jammy dark red fruit like cherry, pomegranate and raspberry.

GUATEMALA | Lote Collectivo Hoja Blanca
Gerson Adoni Martinez Villatoro, Arnulfo Gómez, Fidelio Sales, Everardo Sales, Bernabe López, Alexander Gómez, Julia López
Hoja Blanca, Huehuetenango | 1500+m Altitude
Washed Process

This coffee is produced by Don Gerson at Finca San Rafael and seven other Hoja Blanca smallholder farms and families. Lote Colectivo represents the beautiful balance between community impact and quality coffee, achieving a classic Guatemalan profile and inclusively enabling surrounding communities to benefit. Don Gerson honors being able to process these coffees and extend a better market outlet as a result of their relationship with Collaborative Origins Imports. Lote Colectivo provides producers in Hoja Blanca the market access to share their genuinely higher quality coffees, when they may be locked out of opportunities otherwise, due to factors like the current economic instablilty of the C-market.

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