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15 Jun

SONDER Coffee Barista

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* NOW HIRING * for a new coffeebar in Northwest Denver!


Create a satisfying customer experience by serving hand-crafted drinks and food items, fostering a hospitable, customer-centered atmosphere, and keeping our shop a beautiful space to enjoy.

Responsibilities, Tasks & Duties

  • Uphold our brand values of hospitality, generosity, excellence, teamwork, inclusivity and community
  • Greet, welcome and connect with customers to always give an excellent and satisfactory experience
  • Provide personal service to each customer, learning names and favorite drinks to establish and maintain relationships, and continually better serve them
  • Accurately and honesty handle cash and process customer orders and payments in POS system
  • Prepare and serve menu items in various methods such as espresso, pour-over, and drip
  • Maintain high quality and consistent product standards
  • Know and educate customers on our menu, products and brand
  • Taste coffee regularly to learn our menu, develop palette, and improve quality standards
  • Communicate with team to solve problems and improve service
  • Support a positive work environment and be proactive and attentive to surroundings to meet needs
  • Follow health, safety and sanitation guidelines
  • Clean, wash, dust, and mop work and customer areas, tools and equipment
  • Stock, store and organize supplies, products and inventory, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned to keep our shop running smoothly and beautifully

Qualification & Traits

  • Loves to be around people and thrives off being hospitable
  • Positive and enthusiastic at all times, and able to set the tone for team and customer interaction
  • Genuine, approachable, friendly, fun and courteous
  • High standards of excellence, honest, hard-working, reliable, and constantly seeking to improve
  • Helpful, supportive and works to communicates well with a team
  • Hospitality and customer-focused service, desiring to serve others and give more than receive
  • Communicates well with warmth and enthusiasm to better welcome, listen, understand, respond to and serve customers and team members
  • Aware of surroundings and self motivated to actively meet needs, take initiative, and go above and beyond to make people feel welcomed and satisfied
  • Aware of self-performance, open to criticism and continual fine tuning and willing to grow to improve, learn, and add value to our team
  • Able to multitask and coordinate tasks, and to work under pressure and busy times
  • Able to problem solve and eager to find solutions in a positive way
  • Attention to detail and cleanliness of both surroundings and personal self
  • Passionate about coffee, food, and serving people
  • Willing to learn quickly and adapt to our training, machinery and work flow
  • Customer service experience preferred; no coffee experience necessary

Working Conditions

  • Standing and working with hands throughout shift to perform job tasks
  • Face-to-face contact and communication with customers regularly
  • Open to work weekends and holidays

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APPLICATIONS VALID FOR 6 MTS. PLZ CHECK IN TO RENEW YOUR INTEREST IF NOTHING HAS OPENED UP IN THAT TIMEFRAME. SONDER Coffee is an equal employment opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered without regard to disability, race, creed, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or marriage to a co-worker.

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