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COLOMBIA | Hugo Mora Pink Bourbon


This Pink Bourbon variety produced by Huga Mora has a creamy body with bright notes of sparkling raspberry jam.

Thank you Finda Lorena and Cafe 100 Anos for sharing your coffee with us!

Hugo Mora & Family | Café 100 Anos S.A.S
Tolima, Herrera Rioblanco
Honey Process | 1500-1750m
Pink Bourbon Variety

Hugo Mora has been a coffee farmer all his life but never had the chance to own a farm. It wasn’t until 2010 that he decided to purchase The Lorena farm. The farm initially had 4 hectares and he decided to plant 2 hectares of Castillo coffee seeds. Unfortunately, when the coffee was in harvest, Hugo had to sell the coffee lower than what he had expected, and started losing hope in his processing methods and the definition of quality for the coffee industry in Colombia. 

In 2015, he met his neighbor, who exported coffee beans and had a variety of coffee trees with exotic varieties. His neighbor explained that the coffees he produced were appreciated more in the market and had better expectations. Thankfully, his neighbor helped Hugo find different varieties, like Pink Bourbon, Mara Caturra, and Geisha coffee seeds. 

Hugo was excited to start a new chapter with his farm and cultivate specialty coffee varieties. Later, in 2018 Hugo met Newerley Gutierrez and had the opportunity to learn about processing methods from him. Newerley sold Hugo Mokka coffee seeds to process on his farm during that time. After improving the processing methods at his farm, he started seeing progress and improvements in his lots. Then, Newerley identified the potential in his coffee and informed Hugo that his high-quality coffee would be paid at an excellent price. Hugo Mora was pleased to see that his and his family’s hard work had paid off. During harvest season, Hugo has his workers on the farm, but when it’s not, he works with his wife Angelica, his daughter, and his son Cristian; every family member has a job on the farm. 

Thanks to the alliance with Café 100 Años, Newerley could commercialize his coffee at an ideal market price, benefiting his family and farm. It’s important to mention that, with the support of our client’s and the coffee community, The Lorena Farm received an economical contribution to improve the drying process and achieve a delicious cup of coffee.


Photos courtesy of Cafe 100 Anos
Handroasted by SONDER Coffee in Denver, Colorado.